The Quilting Quarters Newsletter  – Winter 2013 Edition


Happy New Year! Can you imagine another year over? Time flies while having fun! A new year brings new ideas, new fabric and new resolutions. We have so much to celebrate……..We are going to be 10 years old!!! That is something to celebrate!

We will be having another Schoolhouse! Mark your calendars Sunday April 7. Join us for the day of learning and fun. We are planning new demos for you to enjoy. Sign up soon, space is limited. Cost: $55.00 includes a light lunch and goodie bag!

Fifth Saturday Mystery Challenge

Did you know that each year there are 4 months with 5 Saturdays? Every 5th Saturday we will prepare surprise bags filled with a selection of fabrics. The bags may be all the same or all different! Your challenge is to make the quilt that is in the bag, using all the fabrics you receive. The only rules that apply are; you must reserve and pre-pay for your Mystery Challenge Bag sight un-seen and make the quilt. Each 5th Saturday Mystery Challenge project is due 10:30 am the next 5th Saturday meeting. The quilt does not need to be quilted! Each meeting turns out to be a fun and inspiring Show and Tell. The challenge projects will be on display in the store for the following 2 weeks, during which we encourage you to drop by and vote for your favorite, all our customers get a vote! The viewers’ choice winner will receive their next Fifth Saturday Mystery Challenge Bag free. Join once or take the challenge 4X a year!

Dates: Saturday March 30, June 29, August 31, Nov 30

Friendship Triangles

We have made up “cinnamon sticks”, they are 2 fabrics and a piece of half square triangle exchange paper. When exchanging, do not remove the paper or open the triangles. Opening the triangles and seeing the fabrics will be a fun surprise for your block exchange friends. They will be available for you to purchases at the beginning of the month and you will then have a couple of weeks to return these half square triangles back to the shop. For every 28 you bring to us we will give you back 28 made from other people. Think of all the quilts that you can make with all the triangles you’ll receive. You can start picking up your triangle kits now and they are due back the 2nd Saturday of each month. We will mix up all the triangles and you will be able to pick up your new triangles the next weekend.

Cost: $4.00 per cinnamon stick.

Stash Pot Pie

Do you have LOTS of scraps hiding in your closet or under the bed? Have you thought “I should be making quilts with all this stash? Well here is your chance. Come in and sew for a day and make lap size quilts that will help reduce your stash. I supply the pattern and you supply the fabric. We will meet once a month and make a different quilt each time. Let the stash reduction begin!

Date: Tues Jan 22, Feb 19, March 19, April 16, May 28

Time: 10-3

Cost: $5.00 per class

Press and Stitch Runner

This runner will be the talk of the table. A little bit of bias and curves will make this runner stand out at your next special event.

Date: Thurs Jan 24

Time: 10-3

Cost: $30.00 plus supplies and pattern

Absolute Beginner Class

This class will introduce you to quilting by machine and rotary cutting. You will make either a baby quilt, table topper or a lap quilt. You will learn tips and tricks, beginning with choosing fabrics, to make your quilting journey a successful one.

Dates: Thurs Jan 31, Feb 7,14,21,28, March 7, 14, 21

Time: 10-12

Cost: $80.00 plus book and supplies

Advancing On

The goal of this 6 week class is too build on the skills you have learned in Beginner 1. The techniques in this class are designed to be more challenging. You will be introduced to the following: flying geese, quarter square triangles, square in a square, curved piecing, setting blocks on point, sashings, cornerstones, and mitered borders.

Date: Thurs Jan 31, Feb7, 14, 21, 28, March 7

Time: 1-3

Cost: $55.00 plus book and supplies

Machine Quilting: Block by Block

In this class Katrina will explore simple, yet extremely effective, ways to quilt within the pieced grid of your top! You will be surprised at how often you will use these essential quilting techniques in your quilts once you know then. We will cover such techniques as continuous curve, wavy grid, clamshell, zig-zag clam shell and more- once you’ve learned these techniques you’ll wonder how you quilted without them

Date: Saturday Jan 26

Time: 1-4:00

Cost: $25.00 plus supplies and kit

Crazy Shortcut Quilts

In this class you will be making a “crazy” quilt with fat quarters instead of scraps! We’ll help you with fabric planning, coordinating the colors with your home decor and best of all you’ll be you will be using the decorative stitches on your sewing machine to do all of the quilting, in small and easily manageable sections. This class is for anyone from beginner to expert – but watch out because we change a few of the “traditional” quilt-making rules, making this a fun project that gives you a finished quilt in just hours!

Date: Saturday Feb 2, 16, March 2

Time: 1-4

Cost: $65.00 plus book and supplies

Applique with a Twist

Sew, cut, and sew again….That simple! Want to make an easy quilt that looks really difficult, add some applique and really amaze everyone. Come and make this quilt and learn a bit of piecing and applique.

Date: Friday Feb 8th and Friday Feb 15

Time: 10-12

Cost: $40.00 plus supplies and pattern

Trunk Show: Something From Nothing

Do you wish that you could do something productive with all those little left-over bits instead of having them pile up in a scrap-heap? Join Katrina as she leads you on a journey of creating stunning quilts from the smallest of scraps in a process called “leaders and enders.” Katrina will discuss process the scraps in different ways so that you can make scrap quilts that are unified and not jumbled looking. We will discuss theme, colour value and negative space. We will also discuss cutting the scraps and how to sort and store your different arrangements. Come and see what you can do with your scraps and truly create something wonderful from nothing.

Date: Saturday Feb 9th

Time: 10-12

Cost: A donation of a jar of peanut butter for the food bank!

Machine Quilting: Feathers

Now that you know how to free motion stars and loops you want to start making feathers……..this is the class for you. Katrina will teach you how to plan the feathers and how to go about putting them on you quilts.

Date: Saturday Feb 9

Time: 1-4

Cost: $25.00 plus supplies and kit

Machine Quilting More Fills

Have you taken machine quilting classes but are still wanting to learn more fills and free-motion quilting patterns? If so this course is for you! We will explore even more fill designs that can be used in the background of your quilt blocks or enlarged to create an overall design. This course will expand on what we covered in the machine quilting series to add even more quilting effects to your repertoire so that you have more design options. We will cover Pebbling, various types of Echo (the variations on Echo are truly amazing), easy straight-line free-motion fills (they are easier than you think), and McTavishing and variations of each. You’ll love these new designs!

Date: Saturday Feb 23

Time: 1-4:00

Cost: $25.00 plus supplies and kit

Fusible Machine Appliquéd Bed Runner

Come and make this beautiful bed runner or table runner with Silhouettes Laser Cut Fusible Shapes for fusible appliqué, which come with pre-applied Steam a Seam 2 fusible web plus fabrics for a bed runner.

Date: Tues March 5

Time: 10-2:00

Cost: $25.00 plus kit and pattern (kit price to be announced)

Hand Quilting

Want to learn the amazing art of hand quilting and discover how much fun it can be to quilt your own quilt of any size? Come and join Katrina to learn about needles, batting and thread for hand quilting and how to get even stitches in no time!

Date: Saturday March 9

Time: 10-1

Cost: $25.00 plus kit and supplies

(kit includes panel, backing, batting, needles, thread, and hoop) kit cost $63.95

Bindings, Sleeves and Labels

Have you ever wanted to put curves on a quilt but didn’t know how to make bias binding? What about adding a special treatment to the edge of the quilt? What about a sleeve and a label? Well here is a class designed just for all those things and more. Katrina will share her secrets to her binding and binding treatments. Not a class you will want to miss!!!

Date: Sat March 9

Time: 2-5

Cost: $30.00 plus kit


Quilting Quarters - Lone Star classLone Star Wall Hanging


This quilt looks difficult but let me teach you how to break it down and have fun with it. Add a little applique and you have a stand out of a quilt!

Date: Tues March 12 and 26

Time: 10-2

Cost: $45.00 plus supplies and pattern (kit available)


Rapid Fire Hunter Star Runner

The rapid fire ruler technique is catching fire around the country! Learn the method and turn a challenging block into a piece of cake! The rapid fire ruler gives you perfect blocks every time with no set in seams. Matching the points is a breeze!

Date: Thurs March 28

Time: 10-4

Cost: $30.00 plus ruler and supplies

2 Charms and a Meter of Fabric make a Quick Quilt Grab 2 of your favorite charm packs and some coordinating fabric to make this charming lap quilt. This quilt is easy to make if you need a quick gift. Quilt measures 45”x58”, make it bigger by adding borders.

Date: Thurs April 4

Time: 10-3:00

Cost: $25.00 plus supplies

Go! Club Do you have one of these wonderful Accuquilt Go! fabric cutting machines but are too afraid to get it out of the box and use it? Or, do you wonder if you are using your cutter to it’s fullest extent and think it probably can do more than it is for you? Or, are you a person who has been wondering about a Go! cutter and would like to see it in action? Then this club is for you! Join Katrina for this monthly Go! Club as she teaches you about your cutter and how to truly get the most out of it. Every month a different die, or set of dies, will be featured and fully demonstrated so that you will learn the various things that each die can do for you – beyond just cutting the basic shapes – there is so much more that you can do with your cutter – you will be amazed! You will receive 20% off the featured dies on Club day.

Date: Saturdays April 13, May 18, June 15, July 20, Aug 17

Time: 10-11

Cost: Free if Go was purchased from The Quilting Quarters, ($5 if not.)

Over Night (or show and tell) Bag

Ever wanted to take a quilt to show and tell and have to put it in a plastic bag? Well here is the bag for you. This bag will be a show stopper. It is large enough to fit a queen size quilt. Or you could pack your jammies in it to go away for the night.

Date: Saturday April 13

Time: 12-5

Cost: $35.00 plus supplies and pattern

Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star

Deb Tucker is back with another fun and easy ruler. This traditional block has been made into a fast block with Deb’s ruler. Join Sue as she teaches you the steps to make a traditional quilt the easy way.

Date: Thurs April 18

Time: 10-3

Cost: $30.00 plus ruler and supplies

Magic Tiles

Let Simone teach the easy way of making this beautiful quilt. Once you know how to make it, you’ll want to make one for everyone on the list. Simone will show you all her tricks and let you in on some tips.

Date: Saturday April 20th 10-4

and May 4 1-5

Cost: $45.00 plus supplies and pattern


The Basics for Classes!!! Or, what’s in your tool kit?

To most of your classes please bring:

Sewing machine, pedal and manual, basic sewing kit, seam ripper, threads, scissors, machine needles, quilting pins and rotary cutter set including mat, rulers, and cutter.