Block of the Month

NEW Programs starting in February 2014!

First Ladies

first_ladiesWindham Fabrics latest collection by Nancy Gere is showcased in the First Ladies Block of the Month designed by Denice Lipscomb. The First Ladies fabric collection is made up of rich, beautiful reproduction colors of red, navy, purple, cream and green. The 12 month block of the month showcases First Ladies of the United States, some well-known and some more obscure. The finished quilt measures 102″ x 102″.and will be a showpiece for any home. Together you can create a stunning quilt while learning about the American heritage embodied in these fascinating women.

The program starts February 8 and runs on the second Saturday of each month from 10-11am. Cost per month is $35.


Hook, Line and Sinker or Gingerbread Square

First Saturday of the month for 10 months  10-11 am

start February 1

$25 per month

Hook Line and Sinkerhook line and sinker

Who’s the fisherman in the family? This design recalls happy memories of summer days at the lake cabin and mornings on that favorite fishing stream! This project combines crayon tinting, embroidery and piecing.

Size: 64”X73”




gingerbread squareGingerbread Square

What could be better than Victorian Gingerbread?? Crayon tinting adds so much depth and life to the oh so simple embroidery, with just enough sparkle to make it extra fun….and the easy little 9 patch piecing sets it to a tee!

Size: 68 3⁄4” square.




Words to Live By from Primitive Gatherings words2livebby

Fourth Saturday 13 months 10-11am

Start February 22



This quilt features wool applique, embroidery, and piecing.  The background fabric and borders are cotton. The pattern has full size templates that are already reversed for you.

Size: 86”X86”


Thought we’d try something a little different!

New for 2014

Pick up BOM


Fourth Saturday of each month for pick up

We will meet every second month to share tips and techniques starting February 22 11am-12pm

Cost: $35 per month plus your choice of setting fabrics



Twelve raw-edge blocks with laser cut appliques ready to fuse! The pattern provides many block arrangements or you could just make twelve small projects.