Winter 2015

Winter has really come back to kick us in the …I was enjoying the milder weather. Well with the colder days gives us more time to quilt! I’m all for that.

Need to get out of the house? Feeling like the walls are coming in on you? Well get out!!! I have the solution for you. The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month the classroom will be open for your use. Bring a friend and get out of the house. Sit and sew or embroider whatever you want to do. The classroom will be yours from 10-3. No fee, just come and sit in the classroom with the sun on your back and have a good time. The coffee is always on!

I know how you all have been watching Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I LOVE her tutorials every Friday. Man that lady has A LOT of energy! Well…. I have started carrying her BLOCK magazine in the shop! This no ordinary magazine, there are no ads in it and it is ALL Jenny!

In each magazine there are at least 10 patterns for quilty stuff. Most of the patterns are quilts but she adds a few pin cushions and aprons in to make it fun. The BLOCK magazines are released bimonthly. I have some in stock right now but they are going fast. If you would like to receive them bimonthly call and I will put your name and credit card on the list and call you when they come in! The BLOCK magazine is $11.98!  WOW!



Beginner Machine Applique,

Come and make this cute banner for Valentine’s Day, while learning how to machine applique. The kit has everything you need, all you have to do is bring the thread and machine.

Date: Tues Jan 20th

Time: 10-3

Cost: $50.00 INCLUDES kit.


Absolute Beginner Class

This class will introduce you to quilting by machine and rotary cutting. You will learn tips and tricks, beginning with choosing fabrics, to make your quilting journey a successful one.

Date: Thurs Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, Mar 5, 12.

Time: 10-12

Cost: $80.00 plus supplies


Advancing On

The goal of this 5 week class is too build on the skills you learned in Beginner 1. The techniques in this class are designed to be more challenging. You will be introduced to the following: flying geese, quarter square triangles, square in a square, curved piecing, setting blocks on point, sashings, cornerstones, and mitered borders

Date: Thurs Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 1-3

Cost $60.00 plus supplies


Disappearing Hour Glass

You saw it…and then it was gone! Where did it go? Not to worry, you are not crazy! It really was there until it was cut up and reshuffled. The magic of reshuffling turns this block into a lovely evolving quilt. Just when you see a new pattern emerge, another is revealed as the quilt comes together.

Date: Tues Jan 27 OR Saturday Jan 31

Time 10-4

Cost: $45.00 plus pattern and supplies


Go Club

Do you have one of these wonderful Accuquilt Go! fabric cutting machines but are too afraid to get it out of the box and use it?  Or, do you wonder if you are using your cutter to it’s fullest extent and think it probably can do more than it is for you?  Or, are you a person who has been wondering about a Go! cutter and would like to see it in action?  Then this club is for you!  Join Katrina for this monthly Go! Club as she teaches you about your cutter and how to truly get the most out of it.  Every month a different die, or set of dies, will be featured and fully demonstrated so that you will learn the various things that each die can do for you – beyond just cutting the basic shapes – there is so much more that you can do with your cutter – you will be amazed! You will receive 20% off the featured dies on Club day.

3rd Saturday of each month.

Jan 25, Feb 21, March 28, April 18, May 16.


Disappearing Pinwheel Shoofly

Shoofly, don’t bother me!  I hear the melody in my head each time the word, “Shoofly” comes up. It’s either that, or I envision a Shoofly pie ready for eating! The real triple threat? A Shoofly quilt to cozy up with while you eat Shoofly pie and sing along to Shoofly, don’t bother me! Are you up to it? Grab 2 layer cakes and join me for a fun day of sewing. We might even start to sing……NOT!

Date: Tues Feb 17

Time: 10-4

Cost: $45.00 plus pattern and supplies

Dissap Pinwheel

Machine Quilting: In The Grid  

In this class Katrina will explore simple, yet extremely effective, ways to quilt within the pieced grid of your top! You will be surprised at how often you will use these essential quilting techniques in your quilts once you know then. We will cover such techniques as continuous curve, wavy grid, clamshell, zig-zag clam shell and more- once you’ve learned these techniques you’ll wonder how you quilted without them

Date: Saturday Feb 21

Time: 12-3

Cost: $35.00 includes kit


Bindings, Sleeves and Labels

Just as a frame finishes the picture, so the binding finishes the quilt. In this class we will show you how simple it is to bind your quilt for a fabulous finish to your quilted treasure. You will learn how to cut straight and bias binding, and how to apply your binding to straight edges and to scalloped edges, we will pay special attention to the dreaded mitered corner and achieving a perfect lumpless finish that will give your quilt strength and beauty. Don’t get caught in a bind – take this class and finish those quilts!

Datte: Saturday Feb 28

Time: 10-2

Cost: $45.00 includes book.


Machine Quilting More Fills

Have you taken machine quilting classes but are still wanting to learn more fills and free-motion quilting patterns? If so this course is for you! We will explore even more fill designs that can be used in the background of your quilt blocks or enlarged to create an overall design. This course will expand on what we covered in the machine quilting series to add even more quilting effects to your repertoire so that you have more design options. We will cover Pebbling, various types of Echo (the variations on Echo are truly amazing), easy straight-line free-motion fills (they are easier than you think), and McTavishing and variations of each. You’ll love these new designs!

Date: Saturday March 7

Time: 12-3

Cost: $35.00 includes kit


Hand Quilting

 Want to learn the amazing art of hand quilting and discover how fun it can be to quilt your own quilt of any size? Come and join Katrina to learn about needles, batting and thread for hand quilting and how to get even stitches in no time!

Date: Saturday March 28

Time: 12-4

Cost:  $60.00 INCLUDES KIT    (kit includes panel, backing, batting, needles, thread)  Hoop is not included


Quick Curve Runner

Create curves with confidence with the amazing, timesaving Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful! Say so long to pins and use this quality acrylic ruler to quickly cut out curved shapes and square up blocks after piecing.

Featuring a curved cut-out that fits a rotary blade, this 7″ x 12″ ruler has truly revolutionize cutting and piecing curves.  You will be amazed at how easily you will achieve stunning quilts.  We will be constructing the table runner pattern that comes with the ruler.

Date: Saturday April 18

Time: 12-4

Cost: $30.00 plus ruler and fabric